Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One year Bible study guide.....

Praise God all ye brothers in Christ,

Here is  a link to the website where you can find what we have and will be using as our guide to the one year bible study plan:Biblestudyguidelink
If you however prefer to have the whole guide emailed to you, please send your request to kbcmen@gmail.com and it will be sent to your inbox ASAP.

Otherwise thanks all for appreciating the blog and remember it is us to make the blog what we want it to be..........

KBC Mens' ministry


  1. Gentlemen, I am hoping that a few guys can still find this posting. We are looking forward to the next walk and a few other exciting activities for the men. We would really appreciate any NEW ideas.

    We are yet to determine the date. We are thinking of the 12th September. However, this is subject to confirmation. WATCH THIS SPACE.

    Paul K K

  2. Men of God, This page is within the context of righteousness (Fantastic) 12th September is OK for me for the walk. I suggest we announced it aggressively and if possible lets get everyone get the number of someone to keep reminding about the date.

  3. 12th looks like a Sunday on my calendar. If that is the case then it aint favourable for me...but I guess we'll have to go by the majority as it were in the NRM primaries(hahahahahahah)

  4. You are very right Reagan, 12th is a Sunday actually. I have been talking to Paul and we are thinking we should shift this to the next weekend since we have not done a lot of publicity. The Next weekend would be the 18th September.

    There are some men who are not funs of walking, i thought i should bring it up for discussion on what we should do for this category as we are missing there fellowship.

    Finally please keep Godfrey and family in prayer as they go through this trying time, as they deal with the loss of there mother.


  5. This guide is such a balanced diet. If you have not yet started its never too late, you can start with me coz I just started today and already am loving the experience..........yahooooooo!!