Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Reviews Kick Off

The long awaited book reviews kicked off on 9th June 2011 after the Men's Sunrise walk that was hosted by and at Dr.Kigula's place.

The men were divided into four groups namely:  Colonel, Nili maaso, Army and Paul's group. The groups will be led by: Pr.Francis, Francis Nkurunziza, Dr.Kigula Joseph and Er.Paul respectively. The groups are tasked with deciding when they can mee and mak eth ereviews and all groups have a maximum of 3 months before we can start on the nect book.

Choosing which book to start with...
Great thanks to Pastor Brett & Jonathan for the books, God bless you and Brian Kaganzi and Noah Kakuuku for making this possible.

'The one true God' is the book that has kick started off the men into this great venture.

Way to go men!!

If you would love to be a part of one of the groups, please talk to Brian Kaganzi or send an email to