Key Ring 17 - Courage with Paul Majoli

1. What would you like anyone reading this issue to know about Paul Majoli?
Paul and Barbara Majoli
I am married to Barbara a Mukiga lady. I am a hybrid of a musoga father and a tutsi Rwandese mother. I come from Wanyange,  Jinja and I attend Kampala Baptist Church. I am in the couples class for Bible study. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and  reading-almost anything. I cook and wash dishes. I  like the beautiful game of football. I am attentive to current affairs in the world and I have a strange sense of humour.  For example, I want to start a rumour around KBC that scientists have discovered a picture of  Pastor Magaya planting trees on Mars and they are requesting anyone at KBC to help with information on how it got there!!

2. On your way to where and what you are today, have encountered any fears or pains?
Well, because of  the unfortunate discourse between  Eve, Adam and the serpent in the garden of Eden, fear and pain became permanent pavers of the expedition we call life. All humanity  must experience it. It was painful growing up in a polygamous home. I encountered many social ills but one that is always memorable is the anti-tutsi diatribe from my step mothers who were Basoga. This (anti-Tutsi sentiment) by the way was a national scandal in this country especially in the 1980’s. I remember vividly during the December presidential and parliamentary election when my  mother was not allowed to vote at a polling station because the state agents felt that as a Mututsi/Munyarwanda,  she  was not supposed to vote in Uganda. That incident triggered a political consciousness in me at such a tender age and up to today, I harbour the “beware of the state and polygamy” kind of feeling. A polygamous home has a plethora of sins but, the positive about it for me is that it taught me NOT to do polygamy. I joke about it with friends that if I ever run for the presidency in this country my platform would be NO TO POLYGAMY.
There are many things I have feared in my life but the one that stood out most is the fear of failure. God Almighty in his divine wisdom wired me as designer/developer by temperament. I want to see things done.  The problem with that kind of temperament I discover is that I tend to be insensitive to people's  feelings  sometimes but I am working on being better.
I believe that fear and pain can be converted into positive forces if there is good spiritual nurturing and mentorship.

3. How would you define courage?
It might have many definitions but, I can simply say that it is the ability or determination to do the right thing regardless of what might be popular with the status quo and it has a cost.

4. So from your definition, do you think courage helped you in any way to overcome the pains and fears you mentioned in 2 above?
Yes. Not only then but even now.  One of the ways through which one can overcome certain fears or pain is by being courageous to face them head on. By the way courage I might say has a spiritual element to it.  People that slay lions have to come face to face with them; you don't run away! You look at your weaknesses and ask God to give you wisdom on how you can face those fears and pains.
Sometimes courage can make you look stupid, silly or unwise but to face issues of life one has to just take the risks and say “I am going to do this” and you go for it. Sometimes it can look like a game of chance but you have to face it.
There is some level of what I would call being impetuous sometimes. Like the political philosopher Niccollo  Machiavelli said that  "Fortune belongs to the impetuous not to those who are cautious". So in life to achieve certain things you have to face fear head-on and sometimes pain is to be endured and not necessarily overcome.  Isn’t suffering and pain part of our call as Christian believers?

5. Could the pains you faced have played a role in shaping you to become the courageous man you are today?
 Well, that is if you indeed believe truthfully that I am courageous. Yes. Pain has been a refining agent for me though I believe that most of my acts of being courageous are in the future. I read about courageous men in the Bible: Moses, Joshua, Joseph, Paul and JESUS CHRIST the most courageous man that ever walked this earth. Pain is a common denominator in the lives of those we regard as courageous - Deuteronomy 31:6 Not only for me but I think most people who have the guts to face their fears and pains have good shape to their character. I want to be courageous, patient and learn temperance.  Revelation 21:8 is worth paying attention to on this subject of courage. There are instances where I have acted cowardly and those I regret. By the way courage is a risky business.

6. Besides those you have mentioned, are there other areas or situations in a man’s life where you think courage is a must have virtue?
It is the way God wired men. You can decide to be courageous or to surrender; it is inescapable! He created a battle for every man, be it spiritual or physical battles require courage.  And of course in our world today we have many men that surrender which triggers moral and ethical decadence in every sphere of life. We get exposed in the world, rise to certain levels in terms of education, social status- marriage included,  face crises and the final resolution through it all is to BE NICE!
 For some reason, we do not want to take on courage. We prefer cowardice. Marriage is a tough decision but, before or after, a man must pick up his AK47 and go to the frontline. Not to go to the kitchen to cook for soldiers (metaphorically speaking).
I tend to agree with John Eldredge in his book  Wild at Heart  that, “Nice men” sadly is what the church today wants to have. We do not want to hear of men who are breaking barriers into unchartered territories to spread the gospel or cause other needed political, economic and social changes. It is said that there were men who risked lives taking Bibles in the Soviet Union and others  brought communism to its knees.  Those were battles and there were front lines but today, men don't want to risk to that level and I have been culprit number ONE.  We want to attend warm church congregations, to stay in the safety of our sitting rooms and watch TV. Go to the kitchen and help our wives. All those things are good but there is a battle for every man to fight and it must be chosen wisely.

7.  In your opinion, is courage inborn or developed over time?
I think it is both and this is how: when you are born, the sense of fear is very minimal but, as we go along in
life encountering incidents that cause fear, we turn out to be cowards or courageous depending on how we
are guided on how to deal with fear and that is the development part I allude to. It can be inborn and stunted
or developed. It is like a gift or a talent in an individual.
The same thing with men; God has wired us to be courageous but that courage has to be nurtured for positive purposes and I say positive because to be a robber you also need courage. But it has to be fed. Like King David, when he was a young person, he was tried out. He faced off with bears and lions before being lifted to the level of facing and slaying Goliath. That is how it is with courage.

8. You mention that courage can be developed; can the older men then help the younger men achieve this development?
Yes. There is a role that the older men can play. If they can be courageous enough to realise that to everything there is time. There is a time for the older men to play their role as courageous people and then move on, not necessarily off the stage but trying out young people on the stage.
It requires courage to risk trying out the young because sometimes they can be an embarrassment due to inexperience and other factors. Unfortunately, even well intentioned older men may fear to bring up the young men because from a psychological stand point it can be a false indication that they are fading away. The need is not only in the Church but in secular or contemporary society as well for the older men to encourage the young.

9. What are your final remarks to the church of Christ today on this subject of courage?
Well, I think we need to understand that the God we serve today is the same God that talked to Joshua and said "be strong and courageous", Deuteronomy 31:6.  He is the same God that worked with Moses, and many other Godly leaders through the various stages of history that the church experienced. The apostle Paul was courageous to face the Jewish legal establishment and the Roman government. God also worked with Martin Luther during the time of the reformation in Europe and he came face to face with the Catholic Church leadership to bring about the necessary positive change.
Of course courage has got its costs and we must bear that in mind. The church needs to know what God has called it to do and that there is a cost to it and rewards as well.  The knowing part might be easy but the doing is hard.  The Church must know the troubling truth that there are voices calling for the church to modernize, adjust and conform to the world.  These are emboldened by the worldly culture, ideologies and the misplaced advantages of science and technology. It is therefore imperative for the church to wake up from slumber and claim its place in the world.


  1. Paul,

    Others who know you, know a different man. One occupied with envy and jelousies. The smily Paul outside, but dark and brutal inside. A liar whose lies caused him regrets with the United States Immigration for life. The fellow who has almost broken a couple's marriage. The nice christian whose evil is hard to instantly detect. Is all this courage? When will you stop being fake and talking behind others' backs? KBC and others ought to be cautious around you.

    1. Paul Majoli, you are approaching 50, or already there. This means that you were a man in your twenties or thirties in the 1990s. Be Christian enough, stand before Christian of KBC, Uganda and the world and openly confess to one evil. The evil of having committed acts of ... with a minor in Jinja, daughter of a former preacher at the then Nile Baptist Church. What is it not called, when an old man of such an age commits such acts on a girl way below 18? Paul, take Jesus' example. He openly revealed himself. Stop hiding behind pseudo niceties. Reveal yourself and true character.

    2. Paul, a generous Ugandan couple cared for you, for seven months and three weeks, after you lied to it that you would live with it for onlt three weeks.

      More than twelve years ago, that couple fed, housed, clothed, included you on its auto insurance etc. Instead, you rewarded that couple by exercising your christian right of omudomo ogwakuwanvuwa. For years, your mudomo has reached out to the couple's relatives, friends and others, including members of KBC, to sow falsehoods against the couple. Particularly, you have pointed your rotten mudomo against the husband. Mr. christian, may you continue to be showered by the smell of shame? Shame, because whatever strategies you applied towards convincing the wife to divorce her husband fell short. Lying to her against her husband never came in your favour. For you to participate in such acts as the above and the next day you are seemingly a great born-again before the public is too great a fake. Rather, be Christian enough, stand before God and the public, and show your true confessions of your evil side. Then, the Lord will accept you in his family. Mr nice Christian, you have hurt people greatly.

    3. Mr. Nice man, Great Christian or whatever, Paul Majoli, remember more. You said that you participated in the beating of a supporter of an opposition party to yours during the 2001 Presidential elections. Mr. Nice Man, Christian etc., Have you been courageous enough to confess of this serious beating of that man around Wairaka/Wanyange, not too far from your father's house East of Jinja? Mr. Man of courage, prove that your little testimony of courage holds substance, by confessing to your sins. You have hurt people, stop hiding your trueself. Someone, please check with the US embassy, to find more lies about Paul Majoli. Whosoever believes this man's seemingly external gentleness, niceties, Christianity etc., do it at your own risk.

  2. Indeed, be courageous, Christian and man enough, and face the parents of the female minor against whom you committed acts of ... I wonder if that is not called statutory rape in Uganda. Painfully, you went around and told people of what you called a romantic relationship with your girlfriend. In Uganda, is it interpreted as a mutual relationship, when an adult sexually engages a minor? Paul Majoli, readers will only believe your so-called fancies about courage, when you courageously face Kampala Baptist Church, Uganda, the world and Lucifer and confess. Your fake nicities and tricks to fool and victimize the world are not helping you.

  3. Paul Majoli, you will define courage, if you stand in front of KBC and confess to having stolen Webster Carroll's Range Rover and driven it towards your father's house in Wanyange, before you over turned it.

  4. Paul Majoli, with outside niceties, you continue to fool uncountable numbers of people, including Americans. These innocent populations have become victims of your well orchestrated and culculated con-man behavior, which your victims only realize later after you have left. You continue to victimize innocent Americans by turning them into a source of your income. Facebook is the immediate proof, here. Please, spare Ugandans the embarrassment of a beggar. Spare hardworking Americans the burden of raising finances for your introduction of Barbara, your wife. Spare your wife embarrassments. Be man and courageous enough and self-act. Behind your seemingly innocent and supposedly Christian face is unimaginable evil. Prove courage, stand before KBC, contact those you wrong including your lawyer brother agains whom you have talked massive evil and openly confess. Start with the underage with whom you sexually engaged decades ago. For over a decade, we have heard many evil lies you have said against one, generous Musoga gentleman in the USA. This man, well-known at KBC, helped you for almost a year. We know that the Lucifer you worship led you to attempt to destroy his marriage. Unknown to you, God was in the midst and, you were shamelessly defeated, no wonder, you turned to lying against the gentleman. Wait until Barbara finds out the real you, if she hasn', already. Wait until KBC finds out the real you. Wait until Americans find out about the real you. Fortunately, the U. S. immigration found out the real you, no wonder it kicked you out of the U.S., for your lies. You lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. Paul Majoli, you are such a liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar and liar.

  5. On the other hand, KBC is fortunate. Some members have begun noticing a wolf called Paul Majoli in a sheep's skin. By the way, Mr. Paul Majoli The Wolf, do you remember how jelous drove you to becoming Webster Carroll's malicious informant against two young men who were studying in the U. S. before you ever stepped foot there? What about your jealous and malice against your lawyer brother? KBC, that man has too much evil behind him. You either continue to fall victim of his usual fooling of masses, or someone from the church digs up well that wolf's background and real current behaviour. That wolf's own family members could be the perfect starting point. Lucifer controls Paul Majoli. Disregard his charms and fig him up deeper.

  6. Paul Majoli,

    If the little which has been thus far about you is wrong, come out openly and dispute it.

  7. That is, if the little which has been said about you is wrong, show courage, and dispute it.

  8. Paul Majoli aka Wolf In A Sheep's Skin)' remember, when the Jinja Police came to arrest you, while you lived at Wilson Avenue in Jinja. Remember, when your plan was to hit one of the policemen with a baseball bat and disappear. The police had come to arrest you, for yet your additional criminal conduct. You may still be in records at the Jinja CPS. Does the Jinja Police know that you were engaging a female minor around the same period? A very quietly malicious individual like you who uses Christianity as a scapegoat umbrella must be opened up until you are courageous enough to become a Christian and confess. If what has been said thus far is disputable, Majoli, dispute it. Otherwise, it's an abomination, for you to use the charms of Christianity to conceal your true self and to continue fooling churches, Americans and the public. Lists of your dark side are endless. Until you confess of your evil, stop attaching yourself to and abusing Christianity. Your addiction to being in the spotlight will not help you until your confessions before churches on Sunday mornings. Otherwise, you are Hell-Bound. Because the question is what people would like to know about you, Webster's Dictionary will never be enough. You are a Lucifer hidden in the hybrid og a Musoga and a Mututsi.

  9. Paul Majoli (Wolf In A Sheep's Skin), hide behind churches and call yourself a born-again Christian all you want. Fool the public endlessly. Appear a nice, charming etc. as you wish. Think that you are fooling everyone including Americans all you wish. You have been noticed, and you are about to hit the wall. Americans are not fools. They will get you. They started by throwing you out of their country for your chronic lies and falsehood. Stand courageously and tell Barbara, Pastors Mwenge, Magaya, Mayinja etc., KBC, Jinja, Kampala, Uganda etc. the real reason the US Immigration threw you out of the US. I believe Uganda's media would be interested in knowing the truth behind your long mudomo being thrown out of the US. The endless bifukuule you infinitely talk against others is an advantage. The world will continue to know you. Because of your stinky mudomo, turn on your radio weekly and listen to Philly Lutaaya's "Oli Musajja Nabaki" in which he singles you out and emphasizes Omudomo Ogwakuwanvuwa, olw'okwogerera abantu ebitagasa, er'ebifukuule.

  10. On Sunday, Paul Majoli Majoli will turn on his usual, predatory behaviour of fooling his victims, the church members. He will present himself as the gentle, charming and clean born-again Christian. He will apply such fancy vocabulary in his prayers and will be a very caring counselor to others. No body should buy this. What that predator won't confess is how he has spent decades rumour mongering against his uncle's Mukyotala wife. Paul Majoli's mudomo has speared that woman's character with too much that he himself will never recall. Paul Majoli, get out of married couple's affairs, and save Barbara the embarrassment of your face filled with the spear of your own faeces. Kasajja ggwe, you're chronically and culturally evil, only chanced by not having the many you have hurt not coming out to confront you, coupled by your skill to fool many by hiding behind the name Jesus. Leave your uncle's wife alone. Confess to the parents of the minor you sexually engaged. Invite them to KBC, along with the victim and confess. How long will you keep and more guilt? Barbara, do you know the wolf called your born-again husband? Paul Majoli's smiles are expressions of his dark side. Paul Majoli, you have endless matters for which to confess before the church. Once you do, Lucifer, Lubaale and amajadu sitting on your head will be appropriately replaced by JESUS.

  11. Paul Majoli (Wolf In A Sheep's Skin), in spite of what happened to Daniel Lubowa, you filled Jinja and beyond with your usual behaviour and culture of faeces smear. You smeared that bushera perfume against Mr. Lubowa, to where you completely dilluted his person. You have behaved in the similar manner against others to include Mr. Apollo Mugomba, John Isanga and Dr. Yebalibinga Robinson, to name the very few. That behaviourally and culturally malicious character in you, accompanied by the disgrace you carry by hiding behind Christianity and never publicly confessin to these sins and more is abuse of Christianity. In your little testimony about courage (actually, discourage), you praise yourself as having a funy sense of humour. You are correct, and your testimony is not short of a mere pseudo entertainment intended to still fool the public and those from whom you solicit monies. That's funny. But, having more of an evil culture of malice and being a committed born-again Christian on Sunday is satanic and the road to hell. Paul Majoli, go to hell.

  12. Paul Majoli(Wolf In A Sheep's Skin), therefore, you are very known for coming out to the surface in the appearance of a supposedly innocent, born-again Christian. It's true, you are a master of deception and fooling the public. Factually, while you are both dark and day, you are more dark. We know that Yebalibinga Robinson and his wife helped you for almost eight months, housing, feeding, clothing from underwear to socks etc. in the U. S. in the 2000s, after you lief to Yebalibinga that you only needed a place to stay for only three weeks. At the time, Yebalibinga, his wife and son were living in an apartment closer to the school at where he taught. Maliciously, you attempted to cause a divorce in this generous couple's marriage, by cooking up false stories intended for the purposeof your goal. That asidr, when the U. S. Immigration threw you out of the US for falsifying on the immigration application, you made it a profession to reach out to almost everyone you knew was in some way relatef to Yebalibinga, and equipped him or her with falsehoods against the generous gentleman who never wronged you in any way. You went to his relations, friends etc. and literally attempted to destroy Yebalibinga, who travels the world to sacrifice for humanity. You even continue to destroy Yebalibinga's innocent image here at Kampala Baptist Church. Yebalibinga has many friends at KBC, having attended this church, years past. I guarantee you, these frienda may be smiling with you, but they will never be happy with you. Some time back, you rumoured against Pastor Magaya (a very humble man). Yet, you quotehim in your little testimony of evil. You even said Pastor Mwenge was unsuitable for his Pastoral position. Unknown to these Christian, you are busy smiling, eating, joking, meeting etc. with them. On the other hand, these brethren are not as fools as your conduct perceives the majority. It's my understanding that Butabika Hospital is open to the mentally challenged, and that there can be free treatment for a character with a chronic mental disorder. It is also possible that someone from KBC coulf be affiliated with Butabika. As you are a current at KBC, please, cease the chance. Again, if any of what has been mentioned is false, Paul Majoli, open up and dispute it, here. Just stop talking to people on the side telling them that someone is maliciously writing against you. Come out here anf dispute. KBC, dig up this Wolf very well, you will be surprised. Barbara Tumwiine Majoli, many are sorry for you. Americans, continue to monitor this liar.

  13. Paul Majoli (Wolf In A Sheep's Skin), if an adult sexually engages a child under the age of 18, that is a very serious crime called Statutory Rape. The adult involved is called a Rapist. In many Western countries, the U. S. as an example, register the rapist, also called a Sexual Offender. That is, the rapist is publicly exposed. What do you think about the idea of Uganda exposing registering, therefore, exposing rapists/sexual offenders?

  14. KBC Pastors, Men, Women and Youth, please, do not look the other way. Paul Majoli (Wolf In A Sheep's Skin) needs your help. Sweep aside his entertainment text about courage for a while and get to the core of his real self, his sinful nature. You must help this man. You must demand that he openly reveals his real self to you. Among others, church's basic duty is to guide sinners in abandoning sinful ways. When a man continues to sin, the Bible clearly says that such a man must be confronted, guided or even gotten rid of. It is also reciprocal sin for the church itself, if steps were not taken against a man's sinful ways. Paul Majoli has hurt too many, and what has been said of him, thus far, is only an ice breaker, to give him time to be courageous enough to dispute what he and everyone reads here. As implied already, predators tend to prey on weak prey. The Wolf In A Sheep's Skin has mastered the art of, through charms, niceties, wiseacres, testimonies etc, weakening and fooling the public as part of his disguise. That hateful, malicious, jelous wolf must be confronted, and that's what some of us who know him are prepared to do. Again, we ask Paul Majoli to come to this blog openly deny his actions. Let him deny if the little girl he sexually abused in Jinja was not an under age at the time.

  15. Paul Majoli (Lucifer In A Sheep's Skin), then you turned your mudomo rumour mongering against Mr. Martin Kapalaaga Ntende in the U. S. Wolf, in creating a supposedly popular image in you, you culturally first create a devil out of people, as the ladder to your elevation. Like others, Martin Ntende has not survived you. Again, your little testimony about courage is only one of your many surface/artificial appearance strategies, what your true self is Luciferic. Of course, you might out there telling people that someone is maliciously writing against you. Well, in continuing to fool people, Mr. Wolf, that is expected of a chief liar like you. Liars run out of no strategies. The best you can do is to come out voluntarily or other and dispute any information, here.

  16. Paul Majoli (Lucifer In A Sheep's Skin), when fake individual like you with a Christian life at day and a Devilish life at night hides in a church, that can murder the congregation. At some point, good Christians can either hesitate to go to a particular church, or, as existing members, can depart the church. Members feel discomfort in fellowshiping with the devil. Importantly, they start questioning the purpose of a church and its congregation if the devil is either not thrown out of that church, or never truthfully abides by Jesus' blood. Majoli, nice testimony about courage. But, is it not part of your usual strategies to hide your true colors behind a church and fooling people? What about Martin Ntende's brother, Joseph, against whom your mudomo has smeared your faeces?

  17. Paul Majoli (Wolf In A Sheep's Skin, while pretending to be a Christian is the easiest cover at your grasp, you are using your mouth to ruin innocent people's reputations. Do you remember what your mouth has said against Ms. Christine Sserumaga, who worked with Global Outreach as a nurse? If anything is incorrect, here, be courageous and respond in dispute. Your mudomo is horrible!

  18. The question is, "What would you like anyone reading this issue to know about Paul Majoli?" The answer is, "I would like for anyone to know that the real Paul Majoli is the other side, and that there is much more of his Luciferic self than anyone might be thinking."

  19. Paul Majoli (Wolf In A Sheep's Skin), only you stand out as a devil coated with a human form, embedded with Kampala Baptist Church as a supposed born-again Christian. Now that your mouth has further taken you against Ms. Lil Kalemeera, who once worked with Webster Carroll, how long will it be, before your mudomo relinquishes falsehoods against others? Kasajja ggw'olina fitina ku bantu! No question, oludomo lwo lwagwaamu ku ngeri y'olubege. Since satan found you vulnerable and prepared you for destroying other's reputations, very soon, your actions will catch up with you. Sorry for Barbara.

  20. Paul Majoli (Wolf In A Sheep's Skin), look back at what the theme question for Key Ring 17 says. As there are too many answers, one of them is that many would like to know that while your external looks are deceivingly innocent, your internal make-up is completely rotten. What about your rumours against Moses Ochwo? Does your wife know about your relationship with Grace? Don't you recall when you maliciously would spy on Yebalibinga Robinson and pass false info to Global Outreach?

  21. Paul Majoli (Wolf In A Sheep's Skin),
    You can run all you want, but you cannot truly hide. Try to hide behind churches, but you are truly visible. Your mudomo stench just can't hide you. Your malicious mudomo will always reveal you. Inside, you are very rotten. For you to be an old man and sleep with a minor is an international taboo. Does Barbara know about ...?

  22. Paul Majoli (Satan In a Sheep's Skin),

    This is what came from you as a condolence to Webster Carroll "Paul & Barbara Majoli - May God rest his soul in peace. Thanks for the love and care. Uganda will always remember your service."

    Lucifer Majoli, remembering those days of Web Carroll in Jinja at your disposal, it's only obvious to so many who knew your malice, as to why you wrote such a condolence. Those days were to your benefit (via maliciously spying on two young men who were students in the U. S in order to bring them down). Yet, you turned around and horribly mouthed against Webster Carroll. On the other hand, your words of condolences were another way of your exhibition of a Wold in a Sheep's Skin.

    If the above is false, Paul Lucifer Majoli, come openly in dispute.

  23. Paul Majoli (Satan In A Human Skin),

    In the early 2000s, you used someone's wife to maliciously attempt to destroy the couple's marriage. It was, sadly, unfortunate that the wife didn't know your prior, devilish behaviors. Majoli,
    you are such a wrech, that the best way to feel the pain you have caused people is to be excommunicated from any church or religious affiliation, which have continued to act as your permanent hiding places. Then, grow permanent fire of hell burning, firstly, on your lopsided mouth allthe way up and all over your kichwa kubwa. If there has never been any sinner in hello, Paul Lucifer Majoli, you are the first. Welcome to hell!

  24. Don't be conned by Paul Majoli's pretenses. As many of the world has already found out, Majoli is perhaps Uganda's best actor.

  25. Paul Majoli (Wolf In A Sheep's Skin)'

    There's someone's wife you spent months indoctrinating into leaving her husband. Now that she is free, come and take. For the pain you caused in that couple's marriage, you don't deserve standing closer to christians. Paul, cut your nose off and stick it into your behind, you wicked conman.

  26. If I were Kisiizi Hospital's administration, I would think more critically before employing Paul Majoli. Kisiizi is a hospital, where young girls are patients. Whether or not Majoli deals directly with the patients would still be of great concern. A predator would still find his way of preying upon weak prey. Mr. Paul Majoli is a person wit a history of sexually preying on a minor in Jinja. Working around or with tens of minor female patients, how sure is Kisiizi Hospital that this predator would not prey on this vast resource at his disposal? The pretender, conman, liar etc. that this man is (check with the U.S. Embassy), how trusting of this fake born-again Christian can Kisiizi be?

  27. Paul Majoli (Ekiteega In Human Form), deny, or disprove that you have sold your family's land. Your father left behind land amounting a minimum of 15 acres to be mutually divided among your siblings and you, only for you to start selling off portions of this land in Wanyange. Your buyayeism and chronic conmanship has caused heavy hatreds and disputes in your family. Paul Majoli, earth must know your real you -- Lubaale. Barbara Majoli, did you research on this kayaaye prior to marrying him?

  28. Paul Majoli (Conman In a Born-Again Form),

    On Facebook, you attempt to continue conning Americans of thousands of dollars through an innocent victim called Jim Wilson of Tennessee. Predator-conmen like you pre-con on innocents as Mr. Jim Wilson. After telling him that you needed thousands of dollars for your dowery anf okwanjula, the simple man put up a fundraising initiative on your behalf, not knowing what a predator-conman you were. Unless otherwise, anyone can turn to Facebook and read. Kayaaye ggwe, how long will your evil tactics continue to victimize innocence?

  29. Paul Majoli,

    Could you please tell the public why you never lasted at your job with the Uganda Television? You engaged with only a handful of broadcasts. What happened? Your usual, malicirusl conduct? Why? At your age, how come you never maintain reasonable seniority at a job, so you can be respected as other responsibles in society? Ellaborate a little bit.

  30. Paul Majoli,

    Does the hospital where you work (hide) know your evil background yet? It better!

  31. Paul Majoli,

    What the Bible never tells is that a devil can hide. The best you have done is to run away from Kampala for obvious reasons. Run all you can, but you can't hide. At Kisiizi, more world will see you. If it hasn"t already, Kisiizi MUST know of your pedophilial behavior and history. It was merciless for you to have sexually assaulted a Jinja Baptist preacher's daughter, a minor, years past. Besides fleeing Kampala to hide at Kisiizi, you strategically positioned yourself in a managerial position. Your strategy was such you had the sick and weak female minors at your disposal. Perhaps, only you, but no one else knows how many minors you have pedophilially assaulted. A sexual predator preys on the weak. Your managerial position and age transform you into a powerful man. Compared with or to you age, how old was the girl you sexually assaulted in Jinja? Gen. Kayihura and oir justice system, have you considered registering sexual predators like Paul Majoli?

  32. Paul Majoli (Lucifer in Human Form),

    Happy New Year! In this new year, it will be interesting to see how, as usual, you will camouflage with humans accompanied by born-again pretense. Take time off, away from that hospitam where you hide, go before KBC, confess and become a christian. Your rotten conduct, character, behaviors etc. take you nowhere. You've done too much evil to people and you are in hell wherever you are. In this new year, the world will know more about you.

  33. Paul Majoli, still hiding behind a christian born-again umbrella? The horrible, satanic acts you've done to people follow you wherever you go. Come clean before Ugandans etc. confess to your chronic satanic life and "ob'oly'awo" receive Christ as your savior. Otherwise, fake smiles, pseudo charms, fake understanding fool ONLY a few. Oli kasajja kakopi era kachaafu.